Trip to Phang Nga I Surin Islands

We  recently went on a trip to Phang Nga, a province in the south of Thailand. It is about 800 km away from Bangkok. We visited some amazing islands there and did snorkeling…so cool! Early morning we boarded a speedboat to the Surin Islands and spent the entire day there. It takes about one hour to arrive to the magical place.

While waiting at the pier this little guy came greet us… meow!!!

First we visited the Moken village. Here you can buy souvenirs from Moken people.

Surin islands’ Moken people  used to live in boats, but since the 2004 tsunami  they had to move to land and live in a single village.

I was surprised to see so many cats in this island…I think I made friends 😺

Surin islands are just breathtaking guys, but don’t forget your sunscreen or you will turn into a lobster in no time.

These islands still not very crowded with tourists, which I liked and I hope it will continue like this for a very long time.

I loved that turquoise water. I’m glad I had the chance to enjoy this paradise on Earth 😍

Back to the hotel. We stayed at Beyond Resort Khaolak, which is just next to the beach. The room was very cozy and spacious. Check the video above to see how the room looks like inside.

Frangipani is my favourite tropical flower 🌸

Breakfast in this hotel was excellent. Waffles, pancakes and French toasts are my fav things to eat in the morning…a very healthy way to start the day right? 😋🥞🍞

Overall, it was an amazing trip. I did snorkeling for the first time, saw the beautiful corals, lots of fish including Nemo. Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures, maybe next time with a waterproof camera. Till next time, bye!😃👍

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